Recent changes to this wiki:

Add a redirection to mat2's repo
Mention mat2
Try to redirect to 0xacab
Fix link to Git browser.
It makes little sense to point a *link* to something that can't be read in a web
browser. So either have the link point to the Git web browser (which this commit
does), or give a Git remote URL without formatting it as a clickable link.
Remove link to github as it doesn't exists anymore
Fix git repo url. Fixes #2
Update the current status
Update the link to the German Privacy handbuch
MAT has now a new bugtracker
Add a warning about PDF
Add a link to pdfparanoia, since it's a cool project
Update the website wrt. the last version changes
- hachoir is no longer used
- TIFF files are now supported
MAT 0.6.1
MAT 0.6
Add the github mirror
s/http/https/ where applicable
Add a link to my gpg key
Update the changelog
MAT 0.5.4
Update the gpg contact key
Add more up to date screenshots
Reduce png size.
MAT 0.5.3
Screenshots are now "progressives"
Update a bit the index
Add my GPG key, and instrutions about printing
Fix some links
Add some documentation about the CLI
Add the word "download"
MAT 0.5.2
New version (0.5.2-rc1)
Mat 0.5.1
Fix some markdown issues
Mat 0.5
Fix some typoes
Add a FAME AND GLORY element.
Fix the hachoir link
Mat 0.4.2
Fix typos pointed by tmc.
Mat 0.4.1
Fix a list-related misformating
Mat 0.4
Fix a typo
Clean up markdown
Update changelog
Add 0.4-rc files
Add useful links
Improve css !
Add a link to the bugtracker
Remove a supperfluous capital
Make te site a little bit larger
Improve subtitles redability
Add exiv2 as alternative
FRemove unnecessary text
Change the "debian link" to point to MAT's PTS
Fix typos
Add correct "alt" to images
Add link to email address
Hide actions
Add jhead in Alternatives
s/ ?/?/g
Global overhaul !
Add a link to the ML
Add contact address and a link to RWB
Add mat 0.3.4 !
Fix a stupid and obvious mistake.
Arg, we are not in 2012 anymore :/
MAT 0.3.3 is here !
Add 0.3.3's files
fix a typo
the MAT is now in Debian !
version 0.3.2
version 0.3.2's tar.gz
Add alternatives
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Add changelog for version 0.3.1
Upload version 0.3.1
fix imbriqued lists
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Add a "Who talks about the MAT" section
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Update misc stuffs
Update changelog
Add version 0.3.0 files
Upate changelog
Add version 0.2.2
add changelog
Add version 0.2.1
already in Tails !
MAT 0.2 is out, yeah !
SNOW project
add release page